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Chacott is Hot!

If you haven't heard of Chacott, SportSoleil will be more than happy to introduce you to a terrific brand in the Rhythmic Gymnastics equipment and apparel market.

For so long, the dominant brand in RSG equipment has undoubtedly been Sasaki... but finally another super-high-quality brand is here to give Sasaki a run for its title, and SportSoleil predicts that it will be the next big brand in RSG. Even though the name 'Chacott' has its roots in French (and of course SportSoleil loves those kinds of names), just like Sasaki, Chacott is a Japanese brand.

While Chacott is somewhat new to Rhythmic Gymnastics internationally, their products have been available in Japan for some years now. It is a very well established brand in the dance arena. Chacott Co.,Ltd. was established as a manufacturer and retailer of Classic ballet products in 1950. Since then their field has been expanded to more varieties of dance and artistic categories.

Because Chacott's rhythmic line-up has a powerhouse of a company behind it, they've launched not just one or two items of equipment, but a full range of 100+ pieces of equipment, clothing and accessories. Itís rare to find a company that is strong in both design and technology, but Chacott is one of those rare examples. Their rhythmic gymnastic equipment is both beautifully and technically sound enough to obtain numerous FIG Certifications.

Many of the items are beautifully styled and contoured, not to mention innovative.
Chacott Swivels -1 Per Pack Chacott Undersuit Top Foundation Chacott Junior Undersuit Body Foundation
Chacott Swivels -10 Per Pack
**Clearance Price** $6.99
Chacott Undersuit Top Foundation
**Clearance Price** $10.99
Chacott Swivel for sticks; long link with double ring. Material Brass (stainless steel coating) The Chacott Undersuit Top Foundation is the perfect undersuit for any rhythmic gymnast to wear during competition under her gymsuit. The nylon and polyurethane construction of the Chacott Undersuit Top Foundation ensures comfort and support. Chacott undersuit perfect for competitions. Material; Nylon, Polyurethane; Sizes; Medium; Large; Extra Large; Imported from Japan
Chacott Cotton Spandex Shorts Chacott Nylon Spandex Shorts Chacott Undersuit Body Foundation (High Cut)
Chacott Cotton Spandex Shorts
**Clearance Price** $13.99
Chacott Nylon Spandex Shorts
**Clearance Price** $13.99
Chacott Cotton Spandex Shorts are perfect for all of your training needs. These nylon spandex shorts from Chacott offer a smooth, durable foundation beneath your rhythmic gymnastics outfits and ensure that you will not have to worry about distracting bunching, tugging or bulkiness. Chacott undersuit perfect for competitions. Material; Nylon, Polyurethane; Sizes; Small; Medium; Large; Imported from Japan
Fig Candy Ball By Chacott
Chacott FIG Candy Ball
**Clearance Price** $39.99

Chacott's rhythmic gymnastic ball is durable, versatile, and FIG certified.  The firm rubber ball is imported from Japan with a glassy glitter finish, and the product's size is 18.5 centimeters at a weight of 400 grams.