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Sasaki has long been the top brand in rhythmic gymnastics equipment and accessories.  Sasaki-Sports has dominated the rhythmic gymnastics equipment market for years. SportSoleil is a proud official world-wide supplier for Sasaki Sports.  Please enjoy browsing through our huge collection of Sasaki equipment - Sasaki ribbons, ropes, hoops, balls clubs, and much much more!
Sasaki Jr Rubber Clubs 40.5cm (M-34JK) Sasaki Rubber Clubs (M-34) Sasaki GymStar Ball (M-20A)
Sasaki Jr Rubber Clubs 40.5cm (M-34JK)
**Clearance Price** $29.99

Sasaki Rubber Clubs (M-34)
**Clearance Price** $29.99

Sasaki GymStar Ball (M-20A)
**Clearance Price** $25.99

Sasaki Shiny T-shirt (535) Sasaki Progreskin Low Back Undersuit (F-255) - Beige Sasaki Progreskin Bra Top (F-251)
Sasaki Shiny T-shirt (535)
**Clearance Price** $25.99

Sasaki Progreskin Bra Top (F-251)
**Clearance Price** $14.99
Sasaki 7cm Waist Supporter (901) Sasaki Bra Top (194) - Beige Sasaki Half Shoes Case (M-752)
Sasaki 7cm Waist Supporter (901)
**Clearance Price** $14.99
Sasaki Bra Top (194) - Beige
**Clearance Price** $12.99
Sasaki Half Shoes Case (M-752)
**Clearance Price** $8.99