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Please read our customer reviews. You are very important to us and we'll do our best to ensure your satisfaction.

Recommended by Top Coaches

Rest assured that top-level coaches around the world recommend SportSoleil! Unsure which equipment is best? Contact Us and we'll share what we hear from top coaches on equipment you are considering.

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We literally ship EVERYWHERE in the world where mail is accepted! And we NEVER charge you more for shipping than it cost us to send. If you overpay, we'll refund you the difference when we calculate exact shipping.

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All Top Rhythmic Brands

SportSoleil is proud to be an Official WorldWide Supplier for Sasaki, Chacott, Pastorelli, ZenRG, Bleyer, Sogo and others. Is there a brand we don't carry? Let us know and we'll contact them!


What is Sport Soleil?

Sport Soleil provides rhythmic gymnasts around the world with high-performance rhythmic gymnastics equipment, accessories and apparel.

That's our business. But our love of the sport and passion to encourage gymnasts in its pursuit is what drives us to satisfy every special customer.

If we could stand next to you before the announcer calls your name and tell you exactly the words you need to hear to believe in yourself and do your very best - that's what we'd do! But we can't do that so instead we do our part to equip you with everything you need to find that confidence and magic that is already deep inside you.

SportSoleil Rhythmic Gymnastic Store was founded by an elite-level international athlete and national rhythmic gymnastics champion who has been involved in the sport for over 25 years. Long after her competitive career ended Sport Soleil's founder has aspired to work with top international athletes by providing them with world-class rhythmic gymnastics gear.

In this tradition, Soleil Sport is inspired by our clients' commitment to their competitive athletic dreams.

We're honored to be your trusted partner during long hours in training. And inspired to be a part of your team in your finest moment.

More on Recommended by Top Coaches

We hear a great deal of feedback from top coaches (and top gymnasts) about which equipment is the most durable, the highest quality, the best value and much more. You won't go wrong by making a selection from the premium products area of the site, but if you have questions or need recommendations about certain products then please just contact us and our knowledgeable staff will gladly help you choose the right item.

More on We Ship Everywhere (Affordably)

First - we'll ship to you no matter where you are in the world! Wherever there are rhythmic gymnasts, we've probably shipped there!

Second - sometimes our shopping cart overcharges for shipping (this is because it is always a computer estimate of the shipping cost and sometimes is not very accurate). Because we never want you to pay more for shipping than it really costs, if we've overcharged you then when the package is put together and actual shipping cost is calculated by one of our staff then we will automatically refund you the difference. And if you want to double-check a shipping cost before placing the order online then you can always contact customer service for a much more accurate quote. (And thanks for your patience with our shopping cart and shipping costs calculator!)

More on 100% Secure Check Out

When you enter your credit card data in our system it is secured using the best ecommerce encryption technology (SSL Certificate Encryption) available. Even our Customer Service representatives cannot see your entire credit card number for security purposes and we will never ever share your personal data with any other organization...our reputation depends upon it. If security is a concern, we offer several alternative ways to transact with us. For example, we can send you a paypal payment request, or you could complete the transaction through our ecommerce partner, Amazon.com, or you could provide payment information over the phone. Just contact us and we'll gladly help.

More on All Top Rhythmic Brands

Looking for Sasaki, Chacott, Pastorelli, ZenRG, Bleyer, Sogo, or other rhythmic gymnastic brands? Look no further! We're an Official Worldwide Supplier for all of these top rhythmic brands and more.