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  ZenRG 6 Meter Single Color Ribbon

ZenRG 6 Meter Single Color Ribbon
ZenRG 6 Meter Single Color Ribbon

ZenRG 6 Meter Single Color Ribbon
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Product Details
Single-Color 6 Meter Ribbon by ZenRG:

ZenRG presents a spectacular line of fine ribbons to suit all your rhythmic gymnastics needs!  The satin ribbon is a spectacular show in itself as it incorporates a large selection of bright colors!  Each ribbon is 6 meters long with a width of 5 centimeters.

The company offers a variety of beautiful single-colored designs:  Black, Dark Blue, Fuchsia, Grass Green, Light Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Sky Blue, Violet, Violet/Fuchsia, White, and Yellow! Now you can take the lead with ZenRG!

ZenRG has been an exceptional supplier of immaculate sporting equipment for the past decade.  The company's Eastern Asian-based headquarters' main objective has been exporting rhythmic gymnastics supplies of the highest quality world wide!  The manufacturer has recently gained a massive amount of buzz upon re-branding their reliable product line to ZenRG.  Customers can rest assured that nothing else has changed about ZenRG's trustworthy stock!

Each item designed by ZenRG exhibits several distinguishing features.  The business's signature proprietary ribbon and rope dyeing processes yield vividly striking colors and unique hues!  Devoted advocates of ZenRG adore their seamless incorporation of high quality and value into each RG item.  They have accomplished the impressive challenge of providing an inexpensive rhythmic gymnastics catalog without sacrificing superior quality and durability.  Take it from the professionals: many leading Malaysian and Chinese rhythmic gymnasts routinely endorse ZenRG during Championship performances!

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