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  Pastorelli Hilary RG Clubs Collector Pin

Hilary RG Clubs Collector Pin
Hilary RG Clubs Collector Pin

Hilary RG Clubs Collector Pin
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Product Details
Hilary RG Clubs Collector Pin by Pastorelli:

Start your very own collection of Pastorelli's charming rhythmic gymnastic pins and keyrings!  Each of these Hilary metallic pins are precisely molded to capture the action of a tiny rhythmic gymnast performing with her RG clubs at 3 centimeters.  The silver pins are hand-enameled and polished in three dazzling colors:  Fluorescent Pink, Green, and Sky Blue!

All of Pastorelli's equipment is directly imported from headquarters based in Italy.  For the past 25 years, elite European rhythmic gymnasts have revered Pastorelli as one of the best manufacturers of top quality gymnastic equipment!  The rest of the world finally agreed after the 2010 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships: the company was crowned as an FIG Official Partner and awarded FIG certification for 14 individual pieces of RG equipment by the FIG Technical Committee!

Recently, nine of the top twelve National World Championship teams faithfully utilized Pastorelli's products during a routine.  Join the rhythmic gymnastics champions today by purchasing official Pastorelli merchandise!

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