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  Pastorelli Stick Spare Parts

Stick Spare Parts
Stick Spare Parts

Stick Spare Parts
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Product Details
Spare Parts for Ribbon Sticks by Pastorelli:

Take tender loving care of your equipment with Pastorelli's functional rhythmic gymnastics equipment accessories.  These professional swivels and hooks are exclusive spare parts for repairing a ribbon stick.  The pieces are the ideal replacement for Pastorelli ribbon stick parts.

The following spare parts are available: Cord for Stick, Pastorelli Hook & Swivel, Pastorelli Professional Hook & Swivel, Pastorelli Professional PLUS Hook & Swivel, and Ring for Stick.   Your damaged ribbon stick will be good as new in no time.

All of Pastorelli's equipment is directly imported from headquarters based in Italy.  For the past 25 years, elite European rhythmic gymnasts have revered Pastorelli as one of the best manufacturers of top quality gymnastic equipment.

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