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  Pastorelli One-Color Basic Ribbon

One-Color Basic Ribbon
One-Color Basic Ribbon

One-Color Basic Ribbon
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Product Details
One-Color Basic Ribbon by Pastorelli:
Pastorelli's line of gorgeous one-color ribbons are FIG certified, shiny, and lightweight!  Each ribbon is carefully crafted from top quality rayon yarn, and their satin finishes practically glow on stage!  The ribbons stretch to a suitable length of 6 meters - along with a width of 5 centimeters.  These ribbons' versatility make them the perfect accessory for both beginners and national elites!

This excellent purchase also has the option of several dazzling colors: Apricot Green, Aquamarine Blue, Carnation Pink, Ferrari Red, Floral White, Jet Black, Mustard Yellow, Periwinkle Purple, Pumpkin Orange, Raspberry Pink, and Sapphire Blue!  Your audience will find the intense contrasts and rich colors impossible to overlook!

All of Pastorelli's equipment is directly imported from headquarters based in Italy.  For the past 25 years, elite European rhythmic gymnasts have revered Pastorelli as one of the best manufacturers of top quality gymnastic equipment!  The rest of the world finally agreed after the 2010 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships: the company was crowned as an FIG Official Partner and awarded FIG certification for 14 individual pieces of RG equipment by the FIG Technical Committee!

Recently, nine of the top twelve National World Championship teams faithfully utilized Pastorelli's products during a routine.

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